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Hundreds ofĀ mix and match blocks and quilt layout possibilities in one place

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Choose the design of your own quilts with mix-and-match block patterns

  • Over 100 layout options in 6 months
  • Modern design + Traditional piecing techniques
  • Beginner-Friendly
  • Sizes range from 18" minis to
    90" x 90" bed size quilts
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Get these size options from each monthly block pattern

How does this work? We provide cutting instructions that allow you to make 1, 5, 9, 13, and 25 iterations of the same block.

Single Block/Mini

Make (1) 18" block and incorporate it into a sampler, turn it into a pillowcase or tote bag, or send it to Christina to help her make charity quilts.

Baby Size

Arrange (4) blocks into a 2x2 grid to make a 36" x 36" baby quilt.

Throw Size

Mix and match (4) + (5) blocks, or make (9) iterations of a single block. Arrange them into a 3x3 grid to make a 54" x 54" throw size quilt.

Twin Size

Make (12) blocks and arrange them into a 3x4 grid to fit a twin-size bed. Size is 54" x 72".

Bed Size

Mix and match (12) + (13) blocks to make a 90" x 90" bed size quilt. Or make (25) iterations of the same block and arrange them into a 5x5 grid.

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Access exclusive modern block patterns that won't be found anywhere else

Each monthly 18" block is an original design, which also means the quilts made from your choice of block combinations will end up being one-of-a-kind.

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You can rest assured that the Quilt Club is a great deal for any creative quilter. No hidden or extra fees.


1 Quilt Pattern Price




  • Start with 18 quilt layout options from 3 interchangeable block patterns the first month and exponentially grow your pattern library from there
  • ZOOM communityĀ 
  • Chances to win monthly giveaway prizes
  • Access to the 2023 BOM Party ($25 value)


Everything from the monthly option but with a bigger discount (about $10/month)

  • Over 200 quilt layout options by the end of the year

Join a community of people who love to quilt

  • Monthly Zoom calls
  • Quilt Blocks for charity
  • Opportunities to win a giveaway prize each month
  • Exclusive, supportive Facebook community
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Quilt at your Own Pace

The Quilt Club was designed to honor the time commitment and speed at which every quilter makes quilts. There is no pressure to make a quilt every month. Quilt at your own pace and as the time passes, you will have accumulated more layout options to choose from when it is time to make your next quilt.

Unleash your creativity today and discover a quilt layout you love

These block patterns and designs cannot be found anywhere else. For the price of a single quilt pattern each month, you can start building your quilt pattern library and end up with over 200 quilt pattern layout options in a year.

Also Included - 2024 BOM blocks

These monthly 12" block patternsĀ are also mix & matchable! When you join today, you get all patterns from January 2024 to the current month. Start making this blocks instantly.

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What our founding members have to say:

When I was looking into quilting subscriptions, I was immediately drawn to Sweet Potato Quilts. Not only is her aesthetic similar to mine, but knowing each monthly block is interchangeable is quite appealing to me! Her patterns are written impeccably and she incorporates several different quilting techniques. Sweet Potato Quilt block patterns are for beginners and experienced quilters alike. Highly, highly recommend!

- Megan Koshurba
If you're thinking about signing up for the Sweet Potato Quilt Club...I highly recommend it! Christina has a gift of teaching. The patterns are super easy to follow and understand. They come together quick and I'm always looking forward to the next month's block to mix-and-match. The possibilities are endless! She shares examples of different blocks together and different material/colors. It gets the creative juices flowing! I'm so glad I signed up!
- Kori Louro
I discovered Christina when I heard her interview on the QuiltBuzz podcast. I started following her on Instagram and immediately purchased a membership to her quilt club. Christina is a kind and generous person. I love the big block size and the fact that the monthly blocks are interchangeable. Christina’s patterns are well written and easy to follow. As an added bonus Christina does a monthly Zoom. I recommend her quilt club as a source of unique patterns and a chance to make new quilting friends.

- Sherry Purtell
It's been wonderful getting to know Christina, from her earliest patterns and the Quilt Club where she has focused on creating fun patterns that teach quilters the skills to sew the fundamental blocks of quilting in new and modern designs!

- Melanie Snell